CoMo Food : Not To Miss Dishes, Pasta Factory Edition

The Pasta Factory
Cheesy, spicy goodness!

You may have noticed something missing in the District, yes; the Pasta Factory packed up and headed west to the Fairview Center.  Since 1976 CoMo’s original Italian Restaurant continues to give us local, homemade pastas, salads and traditional Italian fare.   One not to miss dish is their Mostacholi con Salsiccia!  Noted as a “Factory house favorite” – it’s my favorite too!  I recommend ordering it baked  this cheesy tubular pasta is tossed with Italian sausage, hot red pepper flakes and a rich creamy tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese is baked until golden brown.  The sauce and sausage balance the rich cheese and soft pasta.  I think the secret is the perfectly spiced Italian Sausage that they source from The Hill in St. Louis. Fantastico!

Admittedly, the ambiance of was a major reason for making this my local go to Pasta place in CoMo  so I couldn’t imagine it transferring to a strip mall.  Alas, I stand corrected, when they moved into their new location they took a fair amount of charm, tables, wood and stained glass with them.  It’s not the same, but it feels fresh just like their food!


  1. Was sure I would hate it. Pasta Factory was were A took me for our first CoMo date. Plus the courtyard outdoor seating was great. Nothing stays the same, but the food is still so good!

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