CoMo Fun : Shelter Gardens in the Fall

Through the trees to the old school house


I just wanted to upload some recent pictures and talk about Shelter Gardens. Yes, I know it’s not typical garden visiting season, but this gem near the old southwest area of Columbia off of west Broadway (next to Shelter Insurance Corporate headquarters) has varying levels and opportunities to behold natural beauty year around. So just because summer drew to a close weeks ago you can still throw on a sweater and take a stroll through the gardens.

Path leading to the gazebo

As someone who grew up here and a second generation former Shelter employee (my mom worked there when I was a child, and I worked there for a year in high school) I have fond memories of the gardens and its landmarks, from the old school house, to the giant bright orange Koi swimming around the waters, the gazebo, and the giant sundial. I was very excited to take my daughter for her first visit recently. Even thought it was a chilly fall evening we had a great time exploring the gardens, which have a totally different vibe this time of year than the colorful enegetic vibrance of the“summer” Shelter Gardens. More laid back, more calm, more like the beauty of a sleeping child right before her heavy eyes fall asleep for a well deserved nap. Very relaxing.

I plan to take my whole family back in the next couple weeks to take a well overdue family picture in front of a few of the most picturesque spots. I’m sure it will be hard to pick which one goes on the Christmas card. I know it’s November, but that gives me an excuse to buy a really pretty new warm coat. The park is open until dusk every day except Christmas Day.

One of the last roses of the season still hanging on

We’re really lucky to have this beautiful spot in right in our backyards. So consider this your friendly reminder that even off season, Columbia Mo.’s Shelter Gardens is a great place to take a relaxing stroll with a loved one or a brisk walk to explore with the family.

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