Shopping Columbia @ Blackberry Exchange

I am facing my fears of vintage stores once again with my shopping trip to Blackberry Exchange. Although, to be fair, Blackberry Exchange is so much more than just vintage clothing. They feature “reclaimed” items specially designed and reworked by locals to fit into your modern wardrobe. They take vintage clothing and design them for 2011. If you’re just testing the waters of vintage clothing like I am, then this should be your first stop! You can stick to their reclaimed section or venture into the vintage clothing. Either way, you’re sure to find a treasure to be the next perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Outfit 1
Ideal for a Mizzou baseball game
or even lounging around campus between summer classes


Mizzou Dress by Blackberry Exchnage $52
For more information about custom apparel, click here.


Outfit 2
Ideal for attending the many upcoming performances at Stephens


Reclaimed Vintage (vamped-up designs) $44
For more information about Reclaimed clothing, click here.
Vintage hat $6.95
Hollister Belt $ 16.95
Monterey Bay shoes $7.50
Wrangler Jacket $13.95


Outfit 3
Ideal for Artrageous Fridays


Custom one-of-a-kind Mullet Dress $44
For more information about reclaimed fashions, click here.
BCBG Shoes $10.95
Straw Bag $13.95
Headband $10.95

For more information on Blackberry Exchange, visit their website here.

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