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I met Christa through her blog, C. Jane Create, and later discovered we both lived in Columbia! We shortly realized we both worked in the same building on the University of Missouri campus. It is a small world. Christa is a graphic designer, crafter, and artist. Not necessarily in that order. Her shop is filled with whimsically designed coasters, hair pins, note cards, and journals. Being into textile and apparel, I was first attracted to her unique fabric hair pins.

IMG_8877I have a set myself in purple and gray, a custom order I requested. Christa is great about making hair pins in the size and color that you prefer. You can completely customize a set that will match perfectly to a particular outfit. Her hair pins are ideal for everyday use or special occasions. I wear mine with dresses and jeans. They are truly versatile.

Her moleskin journals seem to be what she is known for in the world of blogging and Etsy. Christa suggests using the journals for keeping to-do, shopping, and project lists. Wouldn’t these journals be the prettiest way to keep lists? Who wouldn’t love shopping with this sweet journal keeping them company? She also makes these journals in a variety of sizes: a smaller size perfect for on-the-go needs and ideal for keeping in your purse and a larger size for long lists or detailed notes to keep on your desk.

I’m a big proponent of sending hand-written notes. There is something so charming about receiving a stamped note in the mail. It doesn’t take too much time to write a heart-felt note and slip it in the mail but the impact is tremendously more genuine than firing off an email. Sure I love technology as much as the next person (I blog, I tweet, I facebook) but I also love coming home and unplugging for a while and finding a personal note in the mail. Christa has some of the sweetest notecards around. Finding one of her notecards in the mail would surely make someone’s day!

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