Shopping Columbia @ Maude Vintage

I have to admit, when it comes to shopping in vintage stores I get really overwhelmed and often shy away. So when I agreed to shop Maude Vintage for this post I had a little anxiety. I arrived at the store early and began browsing around. I quickly found 4 or 5 pieces that I just loved and I thought would fit into my wardrobe perfectly (with a few minor adjustments to make them more modern.)

But then Sabrina began pulling outfits for me to wear for this post and I was blown away. Here she was choosing pieces that I had overlooked, pieces I hadn’t even given a second glance and she was making very modern and ultra cool outfits out of them! Suddenly the world of vintage clothing was open to a million possibilities!

And don’t for a second believe that I got special treatment for writing this post, oh no. Sabrina and her staff were helping several of their customers at the same time putting together fabulous outfits for them as well. It was a Sunday afternoon and her store was swarming with customers. Clearly I had been missing out on this Columbia treasure for far too long!

So for all of you who are a little vintage shy like I was, a great starting point is Maude Vintage. They’ll help you ease into the world of vintage clothing and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Maude1Outfit 1
Ideal for a movie night at Ragtag

1980s Cougar Cuff Bracelet, $7.00
1960s Fiber Optic Bead Necklace, $7.00
Vintage Golden Coro Cuff Bracelet, $8.00
Resin Flower Pendant, $9.00
Loo Whoos Vintage Button Hair Pin (local artist) $3.00
Black and Gold Dress by Pac Rat (local artist) $30.00
Circa 1969 Sude Go-Go Boots, $35.00

Maude2Outfit 2
Ideal for the Stephens College Fashion Show

1980s White Pencil Skirt, $12.50
1970s Red Mesh Tank, $8.00
Circa 1988 Red Leather Ankle Pumps, $21.00
Red Sunglasses, $10.00
Wood and Shell Necklace, $9.00
Resin Red Ring, $7.00
1960s Red and White Belt, $4.00

Maude3Outfit 3
Ideal for perusing local art galleries

1960s Wool Floppy Hat, $21.00
Heather Oxford Shoes, $12.00
1970s Copper Necklace, $12.00
1990s Cheetah Vest, $5.50
1960s White Tank Top, $4.00
1980s Gaucho Slacks, $8.00s

For more information about Maude Vintage, visit their website here.

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