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If you paid attention to New York Fashion Week or if you keep up on your celebrity news, you’ve seen feather hair extensions all over the runway and Hollywood. Local student entrepreneur, Jessica Ridgway, picked up on the trend and brought it to Columbia, MO!


Plume4You offers one of the largest selections of feathers, over 40 colors to choose from and allows you to create custom feather hair extensions. The best part about these extensions is that they last up to 6 weeks (but can be taken out at any time) and can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, and curled! You can style them just like you would regular hair extensions. They are also secured using micro links that are silicone lined promising that no damage will be caused to your hair.


Plume4You offers feather hair extension parties for groups of clients that wish to get feathers put in for them. I had a set of feather hair extensions put in. It took less than five minutes to put all of the feathers in. Jessica has an eye for where the extensions look best. You can also place an online order and use a tutorial video to put the feathers in yourself.


They are attractive on all types of hair: short and long; straight and curly. There are natural color selections such as brown, straw, and tan as well as bright color selections including pink, green, teal, red and purple. The feather hair extensions sell for $5 a feather which includes the silicone micro-bead that secures the feather to your hair.


For more information about Plume4You, visit their blog here.

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