CoMo Food : St. James Nouveau

For many wine lovers, November isn’t about Thanksgiving as much as it is about the release of Beaujolis Nouveau vintages. Nouveau began as a celebration wine commemorating the end of harvest, but in a post World War II cash-strapped Europe, Beaujolais wineries and winemakers decided to stop waiting 7 to 18 months for Nouveau wines to age. Instead they developed a wine style designed to be enjoyed right away. It went for sale on the third Thursday of November, and a new tradition was born.

You can put a Missouri twist on this tradtion with St. James Winery. They release their Nouveau wine tomorrow November 17, the third Thursday of the month.

“St. James Winery is one of a very few wineries in Missouri to make a Nouveau wine, our 2011 Nouveau is a rare opportunity for wine lovers to get a sneak peek at Missouri’s 2011 grape harvest,” said Peter Hofherr, CEO of St. James Winery. “This year’s Nouveau blends Corot Noir, Chambourcin, and Rougeon grapes, and it’s bursting with the flavors of fresh raspberries and red cherries. There are underlying notes of cocoa, too. Our Nouveau is created with cranberries and turkey in mind, so that makes it a wonderful addition to Thanksgiving dinner. It’s really a great wine for the holidays.”

This wine is meant to be enjoyed right away, it’s at the height of its flavor for the first six months making it perfect for the holidays.

St. James Winery’s Nouveau is produced in small quantities, only 200 cases, so shop early. The wine can only purchased at the winery or online.

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