CoMo Family: Sunny Park AKA Cosmo-Bethel: Playground Repairs Predicted To Be Complete This Week.

My kids and I go to a park at least five times a week.  It is the survival tool that got me through last year with a two-year-old, a one-year-old and NO childcare support. I believe we have tested the swings in every Columbia, Missouri park south of I70 and many of the school playgrounds.  During that time Cosmo-Bethel became a standout favorite, especially on cool or windy days.  We named it Sunny Park because there is no shade near the playground equipment and the topography keeps most of the play areas free from wind on cold days.

Cosmo-Bethel features a variety of climbing and sliding equipment as well as a decent sandbox. (Although I noticed that all of the sandboxes, in all of the parks we frequent, were seriously lacking sand this summer.)  Beyond the playground, there is a nice size pond in this park.  Walking down to look at the geese or throw rocks into the water can break up time spent swinging (and swinging and swinging and swinging.  Please, Dear God, can they just learn to pump, already?)

Unfortunately, on July 26, there was a significant fire in this park that damaged the large slide/climbing structure.  We had not visited since that time.  In part, because the hot weather caused us to choose shadier options, but also, because I wasn’t sure how my daughter would react to seeing the melted slides.

Today we were in that neighborhood, it was a little chilly out, and we decided to return to Sunny Park for the first time in months.   We had a great time climbing on what was available.  For an added bonus, we watched the heavy equipment repairing what the fire damaged.

We were thrilled to learn that the Parks Department staff believes the play structure will be fully repaired as early as this Friday.  The original prediction was late fall.  With cooler days ahead, you know where you will find us.

Note:  There are two parking lots at Cosmo-Bethel.  The one further south is closest to the playground.

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