Swimming lessons with my little fish

This is my son, Andrew. Evidently, he’s part fish.

I, on the other hand, was a swim school dropout at age 6.

The story goes something like I couldn’t tread water or swim the length of the pool or put my face in the water. So, I did not pass my first set of swim lessons. Then we moved and things got busy, and I never got to take swim lessons again.

How I’ve made it to the ripe old age of–well, old–and have not drowned is a miracle.

It probably has something to do with my uncle pushing me into a creek at some point and doing the “sink or swim” method.

It worked.

However, since throwing children who can’t swim into deep water is generally frowned upon these days, I thought it would be prudent to enroll my son in swim lessons so he could learn the proper technique. And since he loves water and met the three-year-old age requirement, last summer seemed like the perfect time to do so.

I searched high and low for the best program. I asked around, I did Internet searches, I checked the Red Cross website. Okay, I didn’t go that far, but I did spend a good hour or so trying to find the most cost-effective and best program for my kiddo.

I ended up choosing swim lessons through Columbia Parks & Recreation for these reasons, plus one more…they were the only program that let me enroll online.

Yep…you’re looking at super-mom right here…whatever is the most convenient.

Little did I know, the program was going to be perfect for us.

For 45 minutes, twice a week for four weeks, Andrew gets fun, engaging and informative swimming instruction.

I cannot express to you how EXCITED he gets when he finds out it’s swim lesson night! We’re talking pure joy, high-pitched squeals and clapping.

Every. Single. Time.

Which is fantastic because that also means that Mommy gets to read, work on the computer, or just veg out (oh yes, and every-so-often, cheer for Andrew’s cool jumps and 5 seconds of floating time) for 45 minutes, twice a week for four weeks while Andrew plays in the pool.

I’m telling you, if they put in wifi at the pool, we would never leave.

And the instructors are incredible. I have to admit I was a little worried when I saw his first class was four 3-year-olds, plus a teenage instructor. I honestly thought she didn’t stand a chance. But, let me tell you that every instructor we’ve had at Parks & Rec has been amazingly patient, fun, engaging and–most importantly–safe with the preschoolers. After four sessions, I have the utmost respect for these instructors and am most impressed with their training and ability to get the kids to listen for 45 minutes.

Can I please take one home with me?

If you are interested in enrolling, they have several sessions coming up. And it’s totally cool to enroll in back-to-back sessions (this is how we survived winter).

For $40 for 8 lessons, the price is right.

And did I mention you can enroll online?

There are plenty of other swim schools in town and I’ve heard good things about all of them. If you want to shop around (and the no online enrollment option thing doesn’t bother you), check them out:

Macher Swim School

Mizzou Recreation

Wilson’s Beach Club

MAC (Missouri Athletic Center/Wilsons)

Southwest Swim School

Columbia Swim Club




  1. I think that fiancee and his daughters did swim lessons through them last year. my son loves the water and he is three so perhaps we will try these this year!!! Thanks for the info. And I totally always go with anything that I can do easily online. (if it is hard a phone call might win, but only maybe)

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  3. Rhiannon, you just saved me loads of time! And what’s up with these uncles turned swim instructors? I had a very similar sink or swim experience… Thanks for an awesome post!

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