COMUSIC PREVIEW – May Live Music Preview (Part One)

COMUSIC PREVIEW – May Live Music Preview (Part One)

  AUTHOR’S NOTE: Due to time constraints (i.e.: me being way busier than I’d like) this will be a two part post.  My apologies in advance for this.

May is always a strange month for Columbia. Spring is in full effect with fairly warm days and relatively cool nights; providing a sign that summer is just around the corner. However, with three colleges in town, May is also the end of Spring Semester and the time when the student population dwindles by varying degrees due to finals week and other plans making the town a bit smaller in t e process.

But what if you’re not a student and just live in Como? What if you’re a student who’s staying over the summer either for summer school or due to a job? If you’re one of these people (or if you’re a student looking for something to check out before finals and/or your lease ends and you have to head on out of town), here are a few shows that you might be interested in this May.

9th Street Summerfest with Primus on 9th St – outside the Blue Note. (Thursday May 3rd)

While the summerfest shows have become a sign of nice weather and summer in Columbia, this kickoff is unexpected. Fans of peculiar song topics and massive funk meets jam band bass will likely fill 9th St for this show. I know most of you know about this show but I realized I had to put it here just to kick things off (and to avoid any comments if I forgot about it).

Mutilation Rites, Gran Mal, Creaturezoid, Gay Uncle @ Cafe Berlin (Thursday May 3rd)

So what’s going down on the 3rd if you’re not into Primus, can’t afford to see them, or just need a fix of something heavier.  This show should fill that void.  Mutilation Rites  will lay down some metal along with the HC of Gran Mal, local metallers Creaturezoid, and the grind/powerviolence of Gay Uncle.  This will be hard and intense at times but something the metal fans amongst you may be curious about.

No Coast Final Countdown Day One @ The Berlin Theater (Friday May 4th)

If you’re into rap/hip hop than this rap battle fest should be of interest.  With rappers from places ranging from St. Louis to Atlanta involved this will be something far removed from the cliche and a must see for the hip hop fan seeking out something different.

Portland Cello Project, Emily Wells @ Mojo’s (Wednesday May 9th)

I know what you’re thinking: cello music? Really? Hear me out. Portland Cello Project is taking the instrument into unexpected territory, playing music you wouldn’t normally hear on the instrument. A revolving crew of performers, over the years they’ve played with Peter Yarrow, Thao, and The Dandy Warhols and have a repertoire that ranges from Beethoven to Pantera and Kanye West (yes, you read that right). While I have little clue what they’ll do @ Mojo’s, I can safely say it will be interesting.

Hooten Hallers @ The Blue Note (Saturday May 12th)

This local duo has gotten a lot of media hype lately (even placing number two on Paste’s Ten Bands From Missouri You Should Know) and there’s a reason – they’re that good. Their raw stripped to the core bluesy rock has earned a fairly solid local following, The past year has found them busy touring so this homecoming of sorts is a chance to see them in the habitat they’re best suited for: the concert stage.

Cabin Sessions, Jowlz @ Mojo’s (Friday May 19th)

The local songwriters collective makes a rare live appearance @ Mojo’s the weekend before Memorial Day weekend.  With a sound that can go from folk and roots music to indie pop, this octet manages to put on an interesting show.  This may be our last chance to see Cabin Sessions for a while with band member busy with other projects so if you’re a fan of theirs (or just curious) check this show out if you’re able to do so.

That’s it for now.  Keep on the lookout for part two of this post shortly.  Hope you found something on this list you might want to check out.