The Canvas – Creating Art and Smiles One Sing Along Song and Bellini at a Time

I’m pretty sure I’ve found my new favorite girls night spot. I recently took my mother on a long over due mother/daughter evening to The Canvas on Broadway. Downtown’s newest art venue with a twist (of lime if you want) is sure to be a hit. I told mom to find a night with a picture that fit her home decor (which isn’t difficult since they offer a wide variety) and she picked a summery themed piece.

We walked in and were greeted by the owners Angela Bennett and Stephanie Hall and immediately I felt like I just reconnected with some long lost girlfriends. The environment is laid back and casual, so no pressure if you feel like you can’t draw a straight line. The signature drink at the bar is a Bellini, but don’t drink too many because, well, if you thought you couldn’t paint a straight line before…

I’m pretty sure their playlist is called “everyones favorite singalong songs ever” and as you start to hum along while you grab your supplies you know that even if you’re don’t create a masterpiece you’re still gonna have a great time.

I mentioned earlier the girls night appeal, but there were guys there as well having just as much fun. Our instructor Stephanie lead us through the techniques and brushstrokes and was upbeat and optimistic even when the paintbrush stroke went awry. You can tell these ladies are passionate about helping their customers find their inner creativity.

20120901-203518.jpg“There’s a storm coming in mine,definitely gonna rain,” my mom said, pondering the ocean sky behind her adirondack. Listening to my mom sing Simon and Garfunkel at the top of her lungs while dabbing her brush and mixing her colors made me smile.

By the end of the evening we each had a piece that, while similar, had our own individual stamp on them. I know I will be back – one of the MU themed pieces is going to look great in my newly remodeled downstairs. Helping me spark my creative self while sharing a great evening with my mom was fabulous. And now we both have a souvenir to remember it by.



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