The Columbia Beer Enthusiasts

The Columbia Beer Enthusiasts are the local beer connoisseur and homebrew club. They tend to meet once a month officially for beer tastings and multiple other times for pub crawls, beer release events, homebrew meetings, etc. Officially, the CBE describe themselves this way:

The Columbia Beer Enthusiasts are a diverse group of individuals from central Missouri who enjoy tasting, sharing, and making beer. The Columbia Beer Enthusiasts meet on a monthly basis to sample a variety of beers, with different styles of beer featured each month from a variety of sources including: large and local breweries, craft brewers, and home brewers. The Columbia Beer Enthusiasts are an organization whose primary objective is to bring more beer-awareness to central Missouri not only through future tastings, but also beer-related events, such as festivals, home brewing demonstrations, and/or educational seminars, that give back to the community.

Membership is open to anyone who wants to join. There is a $30 yearly membership fee that grants permission to attend any CBE event. For those just looking to try out a beer tasting, the CBE also offers a one-time $5 fee if you bring beer to share or $10 if you come empty-handed.

On the CBE blog, several events for the coming months have been posted. Check out below what they have in-store and be sure to join their Facebook group for more details…

Right before the Stone festivities kicked off Saturday night, the CBE officers met up to plan the next few months of events. Below is what we have so far. Suggestions are always welcome.

  • The Kansas City/Parkville field trip roster is set, but you are more than welcome to join us this Saturday, April 29. We plan to leave Saturday morning at 8:30 from the Schnuck’s parking lot. You’ll have to come up with your own transportation at this point, but you can carpool with us to Boulevard where we have a tour scheduled. There’s more information concerning the Parkville Microfest here.
  • National Homebrew Day is Saturday, May 7. Several folks are planning to host demos and/or brewing sessions on this day. An official event will be has been posted on Facebook, but if anyone is interested in participating or hosting a brew event on the 7th, leave a comment here or on the Facebook group.
  • After the brewing is done, Hellbender is planning to host its latest party. Stay tuned to their blog and/or Facebook page for details and start times. Typically, the boys at Hellbender limit their party to friends and CBE members, but if you’re new, befriend them now and sneak in.
  • On a Monday in May, we will hold a Rye/Black IPA tasting at Sycamore. So, round up your favorite rye beers and/or Cascadian Dark Ales/Black IPA’s for this official CBE tasting. All regular fees apply. $30 will get you a year’s membership. $5 will get you in if you bring beer, $10 without beer.
  • In June, we’re looking at cheese and beer pairing at a location to be determined. Unlike the last time, at this tasting we will be asking for folks to bring cheese. The CBE will purchase 4-5 styles of beer for the pairing. There will be no membership fees due at this event. More details to come.
  • The official CBE event for June will be a “Wild Night” hosted by the Elwess household. We will allow folks to decide just what “wild” means. Does it have to do with fermentation? Strange ingredients? High ABV? You decide.
  • July (which is a long way off) will feature two events. There will be the annual picnic which is an open event for anyone interested in meeting other beer nerds and homebrewers. We only ask that folks bring some beer to share and a covered dish. A date and location will be announced as soon as we have more information to share.
  • The other July event will be a West Coast tasting. So, any beer brewed in California, Oregon, Washington, or Alaska is welcomed. This will be an official CBE tasting where all applicable fees apply.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we are planning to bring back the Members Only Tasting. This was a popular event last year and we don’t want to not have one again this year. The Members Only tasting will happen in August. Before we can plan any further, there will be a survey put out that will help us identify the beers you’d like to try. Again, this tasting will have the applicable fees attached.
So, that’s one official CBE tasting a month for the next four that you should attend. Also, feel free to join us for any of the other events or invite non-members so that we may infect them with our “illness.” Watch the Facebook page, the website, and this blog for details on all the events described above.


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