The Katy Trail With Kids

Quick, before it gets too hot and too humid, spend some time on the Katy Trail with your family.  No matter how old your kids are, everyone can have a great time.

There are numerous access points in and around Columbia, Missouri so you can plan a short outing or a day long excursion.

For older kids, spend a little time working through the ground rules first. They need to stay on the right hand side of the trail and if they are riding bikes they need to wear their helmets. Teach them the mile-marker system, and the first stopping place you want them to wait for you.


Then send them on their way.  Unlike riding bikes in neighborhoods, there is no need to worry about car traffic which means they can ride with wild abandon.
For younger kids it is a great place to practice riding in a safe environment. And there are plenty of distractions to keep them entertained. There are even opportunities for education… just don’t tell them that is what you are going for.

For the youngest kids… well, there is time out in nature,

opportunities to use their outside voices,

and maybe even a chance for a nice nap.

You will want to take plenty of water, possibly some snacks, and don’t forget your camera.

Also, be smart and bring a well-charged cell-phone.

The beauty of the Katy trail is you feel like you are miles from the civilized world, but help is only a phone call away.

Katy Trail information is available at the Bike Katy Trail website.

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