CoMo Food : Top Ten Sandwiches in Columbia


Gathered from Twitter, Facebook, and my own dedicated research (the things I do for this blog), these are the top ten sandwiches in Columbia, Missouri. Don’t agree? Leave your top choices in the comment and I will check them out. Next week we will be posting the top ten burgers in Columbia so leave us a comment letting us know what your favorites are.

1. The Veggie Sub at Sub Shop: This sandwich is the favorite of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. And with good reason, what’s not to like about melting cheese and mushrooms. Plus you feel virtous for eating your veggies. Until you add bacon which is the preferred addition of many of the sandwich’s fans.

2. The Bahn Mi at Uprise: Yep, there are more authentic Bahn Mis out there (even a couple in town) but this sandwich is the preferred lunch time staple for hungry college students and us regular Comoians alike. The freah made bread pushes it over the edge.

3. The Super Happy Fun Time Burger at Addison’s: More than a sandwich, it’s an experience. Just don’t expect to be able to pick this cheese, cucumber, and bacon laden burger up. You hear right, cucumbers. It shouldn’t work but it does. And it puts a smile on your face. And a frown on your cardiologist’s.

4. Paradise Club at Honeybaked Ham: Feverish praise from an addict convinced me to put this non-local sandwich on the list. Sometimes you just need a classic and Honeybaked Ham delivers.

5. Chorizo Torta from El Rancho: El Rancho catches a lot of flack for not being authentic. But who cares about authenticity when chorizo tastes this good? It’s a guaranteed hangover curer.

6. Steak Sandwich at Murry’s: Calling this a sandwich is the best kind of misrepresentation. Toss that bread aside and you’ve got the cheapest good steak in town. Plus when your better half asks what you ate while you were out you can honestly say “just a sandwich.”

7. Grilled Cheese at The Bread Basket: The Bread Basket is renown for their cookies which come free with their lunch deal. So order yourself a grilled cheese and pretend you are a kid again.

8. Anything sandwich Sycamore: Dinner at Sycamore will set you back a pretty penny. It will be money well spent but if you are running low on the funds this month, head there for lunch. You will feel almost guilty when you get their special, half sandwich and soup for right around ten dollars. The same fine food in sandwich form? Sign me up.

9. Pork and Apples sandwich at Coley’s: This bistro continues to be an underrated CoMo gem. They specialize in simple, well done American food and their pork tips and sauteed apple sandwich is the perfect example.

10. Chicken Philly at Flat Branch: What? You got a table at Flat Branch. Count your lucky stars and order this sandwich. This perfectly executed philly will make you forget the glares of death from the waiting crowd.


Note: I regret not adding the Ahi Tuna from Addison’s. Β That should have taken the place of the Super Happy Fun Time burger. Also, the sandwich pictured is not from a CoMo restaurant but considering the reaction, some place should start making one stat. Β 


  1. Great list for next time I have to go to Como. So where is that Dorito and squeeze cheese sandwich pictured from?

  2. My votes go to

    Addison’s Ahi Tuna, Olive, Artichoke, and Roma Sandwich
    A grilled sushi-grade Ahi Tuna Steak served open-faced on focaccia with lettuce, kalamata olives, artichokes, roma tomatoes, and drizzled with a fresh tomato vinaigrette.

    It was always a favorite of mine. Almost identical to the equally amazing Ahi Tuna sandwich from Broadway Brewery. Both of those were staples for me.

  3. Love, love, love the Chicken Philly!

  4. The Comoian says:


  5. Hard to believe that nothing from 9th St. Deli made it onto this list. πŸ™

  6. …or the Lee Street Deli Juicyburger. πŸ™ πŸ™

  7. The 9th Street Special is a very worthy sandwich. As is the Philly En Fuego from Billiards on Broadway. But kudos, there are a few on here I’ve yet to try.

  8. The Earl of Sandwich would roll over in his grave to hear that the top ranked nomenclature is meatless.

  9. Ahi Tuna @ Murry’s, Philly @ Lee Street- don’t know if they still make it though. Now I’m hungry!

  10. Sounds like 9th Street Deli is the place to get a sandwich.

  11. It’s spelled banh mi, not bahn mi. The H comes after the N. Uprise finally spells it right, you should too!

    p.s. I do agree that it is a great sandwich.

  12. Love all of those, especially the veggie (w/ bacon and jalepenos), but here are a few additions:

    The grilled broccolini & fontina sandwich (again, add bacon) and the Beer Marinated Steak Sandwich @ Bleu are awesome.

    Shrimp & Scallop Po Boy and the Chicken Carbonara @ Room 38 are great (great lunch value!)

    Peppered Patchwork Pork Tenderloin @ Sycamore (just to single out a favorite)

    Catfish Sandwich @ Murry’s

    and how ’bout a breakfast sandwich? Sausage, egg, & cheese @ Booche’s for something a little different. Still, of course, served on hamburger buns and wax paper.

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