Two Days of CoMo Art (& music)


MU Campus Gallery and Museum Crawl: 4-8 PM

Enjoy art and photography, look through telescopes, get hissed at by bugs, and more, all while enjoying music performed by MU School of Music students. Get your map stamped and/or join in the scavenger hunt for a chance to win prizes.

House of Cards Opening Reception: 6-8 PM

House of Cards, Columbia Art League‘s new exhibit, opens Thursday, September 6th.  I previewed the show today, and it is outstanding.  It was difficult to choose a favorite for the people’s choice award, but I managed.  I collect playing cards, and I am looking forward to adding the new deck to my collection.  A sampling:


Jack of Spades by Jamie Carey Humphreys.

Six of Hearts by Kay McCarthy.

Da King of Hearts by Maura Mudd.


Queen of Clubs by Susan Taylor Glasgow.


Faces of Luck (Four of Hearts) by Aimee Vance.


North Village Art District Pre-game Art Huddle

The music line-up:

6-6:40 PM–Artlandish Gallery: Missouri Weather and the Wait 5.

6-7 PM– Orr Street Studios: Neandertones.

6:40-7 PM– The Bridge: Dance Walk Kickoff with a DJ.
7-8 PM–Artlandish Gallery: The Follow.
8-9 PM–Orr Street Studios: Neandertones.
8-8:20 PM–The Bridge: Dance Walk end with DJ.
8:20-9 PM–Artlandish Gallery: The Follow.
Artlandish will be hosting a reception for Mike Seat in the Pink Piano Room featuring the music of Joel Anderson.

Dande Cafe will be hosting a reception for Michelle Marcum.

PS:Gallery will be featuring Ben Chlapek, who will be unveiling and hand coloring a new print for the evening.

Orr Street Studios will have an artist demonstration.

Alleyway Arts (the oldest gallery in CoMo that you’ve never heard of) will host local artists David Spear, Kelly Collier, and John Fennell.  The three will be painting a mural outside beginning earlier in the day and welcome helping hands.  The gallery is in the alley between Broadway and Walnut, behind D Sport and Kelani.  I spent a long time there today checking out the current show:

Prometheus by David Spear.


From the Window by John Fennell.

Cobra Tut by Kelly Coalier.

Where Are We Going? by Harrison Bergeron.


  1. Harrison Bergeron’s work is remarkable, considering his handicaps.

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