We’re Thankful For CoMo

We're Grateful for Columbia Missouri

Happy Thanksgiving from all of at The COMO Collective. In honor of the day, we wanted to share what we CoMo centric thing we are thankful for.

“Amazingly cheap draft beer prices. I love that I am able to afford going out more than once a month. In general life is much less expensive here than the big cities I lived in previously” -Kate

“True False, enough said.” – Zac

“Great downtown shopping, especially the Root Cellar. As a downtown resident I appreciate that there is a grocery shop store within walking distance.” – Rebecca

“I’m thankful for the plethora of MU logo wear – especially when it goes on sale.” – Molly

“Unlike many others, I am thankful for the Comoian, who complains about things I am not brave enough to complain about publicly.” – Amy

“I love living in a university town. I am grateful for CoMo’s acceptance of conspicuous and non-traditional families. And I am thankful for the XCX; I consider it a highlight of Columbia.” -Kerry

And thank you readers for checking out what we have to say about our favorite city every day here on The COMO Collective. We’re thankful for you! We would love to hear what you are thankful for in Columbia.

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