Yards & Gods Fall Ball

Yards & Gods is a collective of musicians — a label of sorts — who have lived in or currently live in Columbia. This year is the third annual Fall Ball. It’s a showcase of Y&G bands at Eastside Tavern where everyone is encouraged to dress up like they’re going to a high school dance and watch a bunch of free local music. Psych-pop-rock-noise-ambient-folk stuff. On top of that, it’s free (though you can donate to help cover costs of the web hosting and other things). Here is the info from the Facebook event page:

Saturday, Nov. 5, 8pm. Eastside Tavern.
You are cordially invited (in a super non-cordial way via Facebook) to the Third Annual Yards & Gods Fall Ball! “What is that?” you ask. Why, it is a lavish event where we turn Columbia’s Eastside Tavern into a highschool prom (complete with fake flower petals and stuff) and party down to the sounds of your favorite (?) Yards & Gods bands. “Who are my favorite Yards & Gods bands?” you ask. Hell if I know! But this year, these people are playing (listed in alphabetical order, but playing in arm-wrestling order):

–Claque (CoMO ex-pat Jacob Kruger and his merry men)
–Conceal & Carry (Another CoMO ex-pat, Carrie Wade)
–Deep Sky Catalog (Logan Epps, Michael Hopkins, Zach Biri, Ben Chlapek)
–Jowlz (Billy Haring, Josh Cochran, Ben Chlapek, Ted Sharp, Zach Biri, Michael Hopkins, Chad Maize)
–Neatly Knotted (Ben Chlapek)
–Maybe more!

Get a feel for some of the bands at yardsandgods.com.

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