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St. Albert raises fees for recreation and permits

A few costs are going up in St. Albert next year.

In a meeting earlier this month, city council passed the first reading of an updated Master Rates Bylaw, which sees several fees going up for 2024.

These increases include a $7 hike to the building permit application fee, and another $7 increase for demolition for demolition permits.

Fountain Park Pool memberships will also be going up, with a $15 raise for annual memberships, and a $50 increase for family memberships. The same will be happening at Servus Place, but at a $25 raise for an adult membership, and a whopping $140 raise for family memberships.

This rise in costs will even be seen at the cemetery, with the cost of a standard adult burial plot to go up by $50, and child plot going up by $20.

Those looking to rent the local theatre will also see a higher price tag, as renting for a performance will cost $75 more, and $100 more for touring acts.

Council says that these increases are due to inflation and rising costs for operation.

The extra $231,000 this will bring to the community will go towards operational costs of city facilities and programming.

You can see all of the proposed changes by reading the complete list here.

St. Albert.