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Bruderheim School welcomes new teacher

With school starting earlier this month, Bruderheim School has brought in a new teacher.

Mr. Brian Christie is a new teacher for the grade 4/5 split class and has been teaching in Alberta since 2008. Originally from Montreal, Christie moved out to Fort Saskatchewan last year, where he started working with Elk Island Public Schools.

Since then, he's also taught a bit in Sherwood Park and at Southpointe School in Fort Saskatchewan. Christie said that he got his passion for teaching while working in Japan.

“I went there just to be an English second language teacher, just to mainly travel and experience a different part of the world,” said Christie. “While working there with students and adults, I began to enjoy the work and helping them achieve their goals.”

“It's a very sociable job, and I think the spark was lit at that point, so I came back to Montreal and went to university.”

Having his first day of work in Bruderheim School at the start of the school year, Christie said that it's been going great so far.

“It's a very welcoming group of kids, staff, and community. We're just sort of setting the groundwork, and we're off to a great start. The first few weeks have been fantastic.”

As for what he's looking forward to in the year, Christie said it's building relationships that matter to him.

“I always like meeting new kids, and every year is a different year. It's new personalities and seeing all their talents and doing everything I can to encourage that.”

Brian Christie.