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New church approved in Fort Saskatchewan

Bridge Church has the green light to build a new facility in Fort Saskatchewan.

City Council approved the project, which clears the way to build the new church near the area of Southridge Boulevard and Greenfield Link.

The site of the new church had to be rezoned to allow the church, which changed the Southfort Area Structure Plan, which called for medium density housing in the area.

Once built the new site will include the new church, a commercial building, and over 140 parking stalls. On top of this, the church also hopes to eventually open a coffee shop in the commercial building.

According to the church, the location was chosen due to its affordability.

However, planning staff with the city advised council to vote against the new church, stating that the project doesn't fit with the plans for Southfort.

Staff said that the plan to make Southfort more walkable will not work with the new church, as over half of the sites space will be taken up by a parking lot.

On the other hand, Bridge Church officials say the project with offer a meeting space in the community, and will even feature a flex call for public rentals.

All six members of City Council who were present at the October 24 meeting voted in favour of the zoning change.

It is not known when construction for the new facility will begin.

Depiction of the new church facility.