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Fort Saskatchewan mother gives birth en route to hospital

Kinsley Jane is a Fort Saskatchewan newborn who was born in a BMW at a street corner in downtown Edmonton.

It all started last Thursday, when Kinsley Janes mother, Amanda, woke up at 4 a.m. with contractions.

“We definitely thought we had a lot more time,” Amanda said. “We called the grandparents to come and watch our son. They got here in less than half an hour.”

As Amanda and her partner Jason Mudryk drove to an Edmonton hospital, Amanda realized that they wouldn't make it in time. The couple called 911, where an operator talked them through the delivery as emergency responders were on their way.

The street corner where Kinsley Jane was born nearby.

“I was still seated in the passenger seat. I had my feet on my dash, and she was delivered within 10 minutes of calling 911.”

From the moment Amanda woke up to her daughter being born was just under 2 hours.

“There was a firetruck and two ambulances, and they were there less than 5 minutes after her being born. We were really close to the hospital; we just didn't make it.”

Emergency responders even helped cut Kinsley's umbilical cord, using a twist tie as a makeshift clamp. The twist tie was given to Amanda and Jason after they made it to hospital.

What made Kinsley's birth so unique was that she was born the day after the anniversary of her great grandmothers death, who Kinsley is partly named after.

“She came at the perfect time.”

Kinsley Jane.