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St. Albert extends extreme cold response

The City of St. Albert has decided to extend its extreme cold response.

Despite Environment Canada ending their extreme cold warning on Monday, St. Albert will continue their extreme cold response until Thursday.

“While cold weather affects everyone, the very aged and very young are more susceptible to cold,” wrote the city on its websites. “The city has initiated enhanced services to ensure everyone’s safety as we face these extreme weather conditions.”

During the extreme cold response, St. Albert Transit is open for everyone, providing bus tickets to people for free to help them get to a space where they can stay warm.

There are also heated locations that residents can use to warm up. The locations include:

  • St. Albert Place
  • Beaudry Place
  • Servus Credit Union Place
  • Nakî Transit Centre & Park and Ride
  • St. Albert Public Library
  • Jensen Lakes Library
  • St. Albert Centre

The extreme cold response was put into effect on January 10 as daytime highs were reaching below -30 C before the windchill.

However, temperatures are expected to warm up over the coming days, with next Tuesday projecting a daytime high of 1 C according to our forecast.