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Epcor: water ban continues until Sunday

Epcor has given an update on the recent ban on non-essential water use for Edmonton and the surrounding area.

According to a release published on Tuesday, January 30, Epcor is anticipating the water ban to continue until midday on Sunday, February 4.

“We've determined the likely cause of the issues, and these are related to the electrical feed system that supplies power to the large distribution pumps at the E.L Smith Water Treatment Plant, preventing us from distributing treated water into the system from that facility,” said Craig Bonneville, director of engineering and technical services.

Listen to the entire briefing below.

Since the ban was put in place on Monday, the treatment plant has seen consumption drop from 370-million litres per day to around 340-million litres per day.

Although most businesses have complied with the ban, some have disregarded it, with Epcor saying they have the authority to enforce the ban through cutting off water services. 

However, Epcor still maintains all water services throughout the area and are instead asking residents and businesses to cut back on non-essential water use. Some ways to lower use include:

· Taking short five-minute showers
· Not washing vehicles.
· Postponing laundry and dish washing.
· Not flooding outdoor rinks.
· Waiting to fill hot tubs, pools or large aquariums.
· Turning off taps while shaving and brushing your teeth.
· Flushing toilets only when necessary.

However, businesses that use a lot of water, like car washes and laundromats, are being asked to stop using water altogether.

Epcor said it will provide an update once the water ban has ended.

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