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Edmonton police seize weapons sold at smoke shop

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) have seized over 100 weapons from a downtown smoke shop.

According to police, an investigation began back in November 2023 following reports of prohibited weapons being sold from the 5 Star Gift and Smoke Shop on 105 Street and 107 Avenue.

As police were receiving reports of violence and weapons in the area, their investigation led to a search warrant being executed at the store in early April.

As police searched the store they discovered:

  • 10 sword canes
  • More than 100 large cannisters of bear spray
  • More than 20 cannisters of small handheld bear spray
  • Approximately five flashlight-style tasers/cattle prods
  • More than 30 butterfly knives
  • More than 20 pairs of brass knuckles
  • Illicit tobacco
  • A controlled substance, believed to be khat, for the purpose of trafficking

Police also claimed that the business was selling drug paraphernalia for consumption and trafficking, with the store owner and the business being given a series of charges.

41-year-old Amanual Dessie has been charged with:

  • Trafficking a prohibited weapon (x7)
  • Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose Possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking
  • Selling of illicit tobacco

EPS are now asking anyone with information on the illegal sale of weapons at the store to get in touch by calling 780-423-4567.

Weapons seized.