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Fort Firefighters presenting recently renovated firehall

Firefighters in Fort Saskatchewan are putting together a special presentation on Wednesday afternoon at the firehall.

This presentation begins at 3 p.m. and involves the firefighters showing off their recently renovated firehall, complete with their refurbished brass fire pole.

“Our brass pole was originally installed in the first firehall of Fort Saskatchewan. The hall was built in 1906 and served as the town firehall until 1958,” said Jeremy Dewald, captain with the Fort Saskatchewan firefighters. “In 1983, it was then installed at our current firehall location.”

The brass pole reached its end of life in the early 2000s, and after several decades without use, the pole has been refurbished and placed back at their newly renovated firehall.

Dewald added that the firefighters held a raffle to see who would be the first one to ride down his historic pole.

“The raffle winner was Colton Burns, a new firefighter in the city of Fort Saskatchewan. His name was pulled from the raffle, and he'll be the first one to go down our 118-year-old pole.”

The firefighters will also be giving tours of the new facility, with the money raised through the raffle being donated to a good cause.

“We raised just over $1,600 that we're going to donate to the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank in the name of Kassandra Gartner.”

Gartner was killed in a hit and run that happened in Edmonton earlier this year.

Fort Saskatchewan firefighter.