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“Project Gaslight” seeks to identify suspects in extortion plot

Edmonton Police Service (EPS) have released a series of videos to the public related to the extortion series that police are calling “Project Gaslight”.

Police have reported that there are over 30 events involving shootings, arsons, and threats connected to the investigation, with all of these events happening since October of 2023.

No injuries were reported in any of these shootings, but a firefighter had been injured during one of the arsons, with about $10 million in property damage being reported.

Police mentioned that it appears these extortions are targetting south asian home builders.

“After reviewing the video and identifying as many of the suspects as we could, we’re now releasing it to the public in the hopes they can identify the remaining suspects and provide us with information to fill in the gaps about their activities on the dates in question,” said Detective Devin Kokoski with EPS.

November 6

This footage, taken on November 16 in the area of 16 Avenue and 12 Street, shows three suspects getting out of a vehicle with a gas can before running back to the same vehicle.

November 24

On November 24, three suspects are seen approaching a Leduc home on Meadowview Way with a gas can.

December 14

On December 14, footage shows two suspects breaking into a Beaumont home in the area of 42 Avenue and 38A Street before starting a fire.

December 31

Two videos taken on December 31 show an SUV arriving to a home on 16 Avenue and 12 Street and driving away before smoke begins to rise from the building.

Before the fire began, a newer model Mercedes was spotted circling the area.

January 28

Two videos were taken on January 28. One shows two suspects purchasing a gas can from the Walmart on Parsons Road, while the other shows a male suspect carrying a gas can leaving a 7/11 on Saddleback Road before filling the can at the pumps.

Police are looking for any information that could lead to them identifying the suspects and learning more about their actions during the time of the crimes.

Anyone with information can contact EPS at 780-423-4567.

Two suspects in the January 28 video.