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Edmonton Police Service release 2023 crime stats

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) have released crime stats from 2023.

This annual analysis provides an overview of crime and violence within the city, with the analysis showing that crime is down by 7.2 per cent across the city.

However, the severity of these crimes increased by 4.6 per cent, with violent crime severity increasing by 7.3 per cent.

““While we are pleased to see clear indications of the effectiveness of our officers and initiatives, Edmonton continues to experience an unacceptable level of violence in our communities,” said EPS Chief Dale McFee.

There were 995 violent incidents reported in Edmonton last year, with 208 of those reports involving weapons or people getting hurt.

For example, gun crime rose by 16 per cent compared to the year before, while spray attacks rose by 14 per cent. As for knife attacks, they only rose by 1 per cent, seeing nine more attacks in 2024.

Police also reported a decrease in crime reported at LRT and transit centres, with an 11 per cent decrease overall. However, calls to LRT Stations increased by nearly 19 per cent.

The entire 2023 crime stats analysis is available on the EPS website.

EPS Chief Dale McFee