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Edmonton police warn of buy-and-sell robberies

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) are warning the public about a string of recent robberies related to online buy-and-sell exchanges.

Police have reported six robberies occurring throughout the city between March and April of this year. In each case the seller was meeting the buyer at the seller's home between 8 p.m. and midnight.

According to police, one or two men arrive at the seller's home with pepper spray and snatch the item being offered for sale. In some cases, the seller was sprayed, while in other cases the spray was only threatened.

Police have noted that in many of these cases, the item being sold is cell phone. Police added that they have already identified several suspects related to the investigation.

EPS are now reminding residents to exercise caution when making buy-and-sell exchanges, with police offering four buy-and-sell exchange zones at the following locations:

  • Northeast Division Station: 14203 50 Street
  • Southeast Division Station: 104 Youville Drive East
  • Southwest Division Station: 1351 Windermere Way SW
  • West Division Station: 16505 100 Avenue NW

These locations are under 24-hour video surveillance, with police encouraging buyers and sellers to meet at a public place during daylight hours.

Anyone with information on these buy-and-sell robberies are asked to contact EPS at 780-423-4567.

An EPS Officer.