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Evacuation order for Garden River released due to escalating wildfire risks exacerbated by the ongoing heatwave.

According to provincial alerts, while there is currently no immediate danger, there are concerns that the fire may sever Highway 58, the community's sole access route.

Residents are advised to prepare for an extended absence and are encouraged to relocate to Horizon Camp at the First Nations settlement of John D’Or Prairie.

Little Red River Cree Nation has issued an evacuation order for Garden River and about 700 people are being evacuated. Residents are encouraged to connect with the First Nation for the latest updates.

Alberta Emergency Alerts

  • As of July 10, at 1 p.m. there is one Alberta Emergency Alert in effect:
    • An evacuation order is in place for Little Red River Cree Nation - Garden River.
    • Currently, the community is not in immediate danger; however, Highway 58 access remains a concern, resulting in the evacuation order.
    • Residents of Garden River are asked to evacuate to the Horizon Camp at John D’Or Prairie. 
  • For up-to-the-minute Alberta Emergency Alert information visit: Alberta Emergency Alert.
  • Albertans are encouraged to download the Alberta Emergency Alert mobile app which immediately pushes all alerts out to subscribers.

Current situation

  • There are currently 63 active wildfires in Alberta.
  • For the latest information on wildfires in Alberta visit, Alberta wildfire status.
  • Alberta Emergency Alerts:
    • 1 evacuation order
  • Number of evacuees: about 700
  • Evacuation orders are currently in affect for:
    • Little Red River Cree Nation – Garden River
      • There is a wildfire approximately 8.5 km north of Highway 58.
      • The nation is encouraging evacuees to go to the Horizon Camp at John D’or Prairie, Alberta, where support will be available.
      • The response is being led by local authorities on the First Nation with Alberta Emergency Management Agency First Nations field officers providing support.
    • No other evacuation orders or alerts are currently in place.
  • As a result of extreme heat conditions, there are fire restrictions and bans in place across much of the province. For more information, visit
  • Current year wildfires by suspected cause:
    • Human: 422 (Human-caused wildfires cover several different categories – everything from recreational fires to agricultural incidents to wildfires caused by people on residential land. Human-caused wildfires account for more than half of all wildfires annually.)
    • Lightning: 127
    • Under investigation: 108
A Wildfire.